In my line of work I'm constantly working with photographers and videographers, and providing detailed briefs and shot lists. After seeing Phil's work seven years ago, it didn't even cross my mind. I knew I could provide him with full creative freedom to do as he pleased. I completely trusted all his decisions and ideas, and was extremely pleased with the results. Phil was the first supplier I booked, and I even based the wedding date around his availability. I'm hoping for another opportunity to work with him again in the near future.


Not only is Phil an amazing photographer, but he also brings a special light and vibe to the whole experience. He has amazing visions and is passionate about making the bride and groom feel special while creating photos that are unique and reflective of our personalities.


Five stars all around! Phil is a fantastic photographer to work with and we would highly recommend him! A few of the things that stood out about Phil were that he is very talented and took amazing pictures, he listened to us and chose some excellent locations based on our personality and wish list, and his communication was prompt and thorough. This is extremely important when planning an important event with lots of moving parts. When we had questions, they were answered in a very timely manner. This gave us a lot of confidence that things would move forward as planned and reduced stress leading up to the big day. After the wedding he was able to deliver the photographs very quickly. Phil is highly professional yet has a relaxing and calming demeanor. This put us at ease and we were able to enjoy ourselves 100% from start to finish. We had the best day we could have imagined! 

                                                               PAMELA + JEFF

It was so great to have Phil capture our wedding day. He understood our personality and captured it perfectly. We are not models, but he made us feel comfortable by making us laugh during the creative shots, and he would share his favourite shots with us throughout the day. This put us at ease to know we had a great photographer capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments, as well as excited to receive the pictures when we came back from our honeymoon! We had no doubts about the professionalism he would bring, as well as the quality of the photographs we would receive. I would highly recommend Phil to anyone who wants to feel at ease about their photos on their wedding day.


Phil is incredible and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. I saw some of his work prior to meeting him and was amazed by how the personalities and styles of his clients seemed to come through in his shots, and how each wedding album was completely unique. We didn't know what we wanted, other than "not cheesy", but Phil asked us insightful questions and managed to draw out ideas so that we ended up with pictures that were perfect for us. He was a blast to work with and we will always be grateful to have wedding photos that are more art than snapshot.


Phil photographed our wedding last summer. We chose a warehouse venue that was a bit unconventional, but Phil didn't flinch. He totally captured the warmth, happiness, and love of everyone involved. Not only did Phil capture some beautiful shots of my husband and I, but he really captured some of the special small moments that our guests experienced. He managed to photograph these moments in a way that felt genuine and natural, which was exactly what we hoped for.


Testimonial_sq 007.jpg

Phil shot our engagement photos as well as our wedding. Mark and I cannot say enough amazing things about him. His remarkable creativity and incredible charisma brings out the best in everyone he shoots. Phil's impeccable talent and taste is what will make you want to hire him, but it's his warm and caring heart that will entice you to use him again and again, and recommend him to all your friends.


Phil is an absolutely amazing photographer! He is unbelievably creative and has the ability to create a masterpiece for his client. Our engagement and wedding photos are some our most prized possessions. People walking through our house audibly gasp when they see Phil's amazing work in print. My husband is not the most comfortable in front of the camera and Phil was able to coach him through to get the shots with ease. This was the same with the rest of our wedding party and family. He took control of our rowdy group, guided everyone, and got the most amazing photographs. Doing it over, there is no one else I would ever get to photograph our special day.


Phil captured our special day in June 2013. Not only did he photograph our wedding with his fun and unique approach, he also helped us with some last-minute styling of the event. Phil has an incredible eye for detail and finishing touches. I really valued his input in terms of our wedding 'look' as he really knows what works visually. As for group family shots, I loved the way he would get the kids to smile as well as how easily he was able to make the camera-shy laugh. It is a rare thing to see my Grandma smile with her teeth, and Phil was able to achieve that with his charm and great sense of humour. Looking back on all of the beautiful images he shot, I am just so thrilled. My husband and I are not models by any means but he made us feel so at ease and we really had a lot of fun while doing it. The memories he caught in our photographs make me giddy with excitement as if our wedding was just yesterday. From the quiet moments captured, to the bold more dramatic photos, they simply warm my heart. Phil has an amazing gift to do     just that and I am just so fortunate he could be a part of our big day.


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I cannot tell you how many times people have said to us: "You have the best wedding photos we've ever seen." The level of professionalism is astounding and Phil couldn't have been nicer. Our wedding happened the weekend of the really bad floods in Calgary, and Phil responded with as much care and flexibility as anyone could ask for. You are not making a mistake by hiring PHOTOPHILCRO, I promise you. 


I saw Phil’s work from PHOTOPHILCRO on a few websites and magazines, and thought he would be a perfect fit for my intimate family wedding. I contacted Phil via email, and not only did he reply to me promptly, but all communication was professional and very clear to understand. Phil showed up early and ready to go for every location that we planned to take photographs, and he also had great creative ideas for our group shots. Phil’s costs were fair for the quality of work that he provided. I am very thankful we have these photographs, and we get compliments about them on a regular basis. I would not only use Phil again, but have recommended him to numerous friends and family members.


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Phil not only takes exceptionally stunning and creative photographs to perfectly capture the day, he also goes above and beyond in facilitating a smooth, easy, joyful experience. He is both professional and fun, he has great ideas, and he knows exactly what to do to make it a great, low-stress day with amazing shots catered to your group. For us, he made the day a breeze. He helped by making our schedule easy, was genuine and personable with our guests, and presented us with great ideas we would never have thought of. We can easily say that our entire experience with Phil made our wedding feel extra special.