Cal is an Australian trick rider who has spent many summers at the Palmer Ranch, an organic beef farm in Southern Alberta that sprawls towards the Rocky Mountains and is owned and run by the amazing Palmer family. The day I arrived at the ranch he was feeding chickens barefoot, whistling a tune, and smiling ear to ear at my arrival. We had talked about photographing him on the ranch for over a year and there we were, about to capture spontaneous and adventurous images which reflect the very core of Cal's personality. He was most excited to have me photograph him interacting and relaxing with the pack of thoroughbreds that graze closest to the farmhouses. They had welcomed him into their pack, as all who meet Cal do.

If you haven't explored Alberta and specifically Pincher Creek and Waterton in Southern Alberta, I would highly encourage you to go see the vibrant colors, instaworthy landscapes, wildlife, and even some real-life cowboys of the Wild West!